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Seaside Transit Authority has new electric bikes

Posted on Jan 01, 2018 in Seaside Transit Authority , Bike Rentals , Electric Bikes , January-February 2018

Seaside Transit Authority expands its rental fleet in January 2018 to include Pedego Electric Bikes, the No. 1 electric bike brand in the United States. “A Pedego bike is just like a regular bicycle — only better!” says Seaside Transit Authority owner Rick Thompson. Pedego bikes can be pedaled manually or electronically, and get assistance up to 20 mph thanks to Pedego’s PedalSense™ technology, giving riders a little extra help riding at five different power levels. Now cyclists have the freedom to go farther and faster.

As a Pedego renter, you won’t arrive to your destination sweaty and out of breath. It will now be feasible to bike Scenic Highway 30A from Seaside to Rosemary Beach, back to Seaside and on to Gayton Beach, all in less than three hours. You’ll arrive back in Seaside refreshed and relaxed. The convenience of the electric motor will encourage you to take longer, more daring bicycle trips without the consideration and dread of having to pedal all the way back.

Pedego bikes are great for couples who want to bike together but are often hindered by differing ability levels. Multi-generation families vacationing together face the same challenges - the kids or grandparents may not go the same speed or distance as the rest of the family. Pedego bikes offer a solution for everyone to participate and maintain an enjoyable level of exertion. Vacationers with infirmities or recovering from injuries can still enjoy an active vacation with a Pedego electric bike rental. Since they compensate proportionately to their effort, riders in less-than-perfect health receive assistance when necessary or appropriate.

“Riding a Pedego electric bike is good for the environment in ways you would never guess. More than anything we are setting examples on how cool and fun electric bikes can be,” says Thompson. “Right now, they are new on 30A, but the more we rent our Pedego bikes, the more chance electric bikes will have of becoming an accepted part of vacationing in Seaside that will eventually take a multitude of cars off the road. When you ride an electric bike, you really feel you are at the forefront of a biking revolution.

“Electric bikes make any sort of vacation errand easy and quick,” Thompson adds. “Take your child to the beach. Pick up groceries. Optional rack bags provide all the carrying power you need. Parking becomes a breeze! You no longer must circle the block in search of a spot. Simply lock your Pedego electric bike up and be on your way. Just one of the many benefits of renting a Pedego electric bike. No more waiting in 30A traffic. Park your car at your cottage for the duration of your stay and experience 30A the Pedego way!”

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