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Seaside Neighborhood School Students Get “Testy” with the Science Brothers

Posted on May 01, 2017 in Seaside Neighborhood School , Science Brothers , May-June 2017

Curious to know the secret to the universe? Recently, Seaside Neighborhood School students got a chance to roll up their sleeves and see science in action right before their eyes when the school welcomed two celebrated scientists behind the Science Brothers to the school for a special appearance in February.

The dynamic duo — Bill Porter and Daniel Flisek — converted a classroom into an exciting hands-on presentation that may best be described as an interactive educational magic show.

The Science Brothers is a non-profit outreach program based out of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) aimed at getting elementary school students interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) activities. The program centers around the dynamics of two “brothers,” who specialize in different fields, argue over whose science is ‘cooler.’ The result is a fun and wacky trip exploring different premises in science; light, sound, energy; with examples and demonstrations from the realms of chemistry, physics and electricity.

Seaside Neighborhood School Students Get “Testy” with the Science Brothers

Seaside Neighborhood School principal Kim Mixson says creative programs such as Science Brothers is a perfect complement to Seaside School’s approach to education. “At its core science about discovery and programs like this allow us to transform our classroom into an environment that encourages our students to open their minds and imaginations to all that is possible … to dare to dream and wonder.”

The Science Brothers gave two 40-minute presentations focused on the chemistry and the principles of electricity. One was geared to 5th and 6th graders and one for 7th and 8th graders. Each called on student “scientists” to don white lab coats to help “test hypotheses” in their “laboratory.”

“Sometimes when you mix things up in the classroom, it helps unlock the brain and allow students to push their reset button and take in information in a new and exciting way. Sure, we are one of the leading charter schools in Florida, but that does not mean we are boring, quite the opposite, in fact. Let’s just say the students enjoyed experimenting with Tesla coils and elephant toothpaste!”