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Porch Swing and Beach Reads

Posted on May 01, 2016 in Sundog Books , Beach Reads , May–June 2016

The Architecture of Community

by Léon Krier

Seaside is known for its innovative and forward-thinking architecture, specifically defining the new urbanism way of living. Léon Krier’s The Architecture of Community is a must-read for the architectural enthusiast, providing an in-depth examination of Krier’s theories of classical and vernacular urbanism and architecture. The book serves as a roadmap for guiding the creation of unique, livable towns and discusses, through text and imagery, the author’s own projects, including the Krier House and Tower right here in Seaside. His designs have become benchmarks for ecological planning the world over, and this book is a descriptive account of his work and visions for a well-thought-out way of living.

My Southern Journey: True

Stories from the Heart of the South by Rick Bragg

Rick Bragg is the undisputed voice of contemporary Southern life, regularly compared to the likes of Truman Capote and Harper Lee. In the New York Times bestselling My Southern Journey: True Stories from the Heart of the South, Bragg defines the Southern way of life through his trademark deadpan win and poignantly honest descriptive prose. Exploring landmark locations, including the Gulf Coast, Bragg takes the reader on a familiar journey through college football, Mama’s cooking, fishing and more in this endearing collection of short stories that all Southerners will find near and dear to their own childhoods.

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

While Bossy Pants was released more than three years ago, it still remains high on many best-selling lists, offering a laugh-out-loud look into the life and times of everyone’s favorite female comedian, Tina Fey. The life of an actress isn’t an easy one, and Fey takes a no-holds-barred approach as the recounts her own journey to fame, by way of the Second City, Saturday Night Live, and eventually the silver screen. Balancing her professional life with her first experiences of motherhood, Bossy Pants is relatable to audiences everywhere, and the perfect book to tuck into your beach bag for a day on the sand.

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Porch Swing and Beach Reads