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Pickle's Burger & Shake Celebrating 25 Years

Posted on May 01, 2018 in Shake , May-June 2018 , Burger , Restaurant , Pickle's

Bill and Heavenly Dawson opened Pickle’s Burger & Shake in 1993, the same year they were married in Seaside. The eatery was a modest snack shack with a cute name. Pickle’s Snack Station, which started out as a 48-square-foot hut, was referred to as the temple. Since its early days, Pickle’s evolved and expanded a little every year, and is now known as Pickle’s Burger & Shake. The restaurant has a casual ’50s-burger-joint-on-the-beach vibe by design. “Everything was farm-to-table back then,” Heavenly says. “And that’s our philosophy now.”

Pickle’s later expanded its outdoor seating and introduced a new menu, unveiled in 2012. It was the Dawsons’ commitment to the farm-to-table approach that elevated the restaurant to a new level. The eatery serves top quality grass-fed beef and free range chicken and turkey burgers served with fresh brioche buns, creating a harmonious balance of flavors for the perfect seasoning about which Pickle’s customers rave. “For example, our Pickle’s customers rave about the French fries and fried pickles,” Bill Dawson says. “They’re the most popular items on the menu!”

It’s the attention to detail, business sense and passion for food that has led to the Dawsons’ success. “Creating a great Seaside experience for homeowners, day-trippers and vacationers is very rewarding,” Heavenly says. “We feel grateful for the opportunities we have.”

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Pickle's Burger & Shake Celebrating 25 Years

Pickles Burger & Shake, celebrating a quarter century in Seaside, started as a small shack set on the gulf side of town. Originally called Pickles Snack Station, the restaurant has since become just as famous for its burgers as it is for its pickles.