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Posted on Aug 29, 2019 in Instagram best places , September–October 2019 , photogenic places

Ruskin Place

We found the best Instagram-worthy picture spots in Seaside by Laura Holloway

Seaside is unquestionably one of the country’s most photogenic places. Peachy sunrise skies, emerald white-capped waves, tin roofs catching the sun’s last rays, distinctive white picket fences bordering live-oak dotted yards, and vibrant houses peppering sugar-white sand covered coastline; it’s every photographer’s dream. And now, in a time when everyone is a photographer with a public portfolio, Seaside’s unforgettable views and memorable imagery can be found all over social media, particularly Instagram. To make it easier for you to find the best backgrounds for your next group picture or selfie, here’s a quick list of the Most Instagram-Worthy Picture Locations in town.

The Seaside Post Office

Who hasn’t taken a picture of this iconic spot? One of Seaside’s first buildings, the post office has stood the test of time so much so that it has been found in two locations in town, with its original home on 30A and recently being moved to its new place in between Modica Market and Sundog Books in Central Square. Step up for a close-up picture, or have someone take the shot from farther back to capture this small yet mighty staple of Seaside culture. *Bonus points for capturing the picture at Christmastime when it’s festively decorated or on the Fourth of July with the American flag flying proudly above.

Picture: @doodimlucky

The Coleman Pavilion

Each street in Seaside makes its way to the ocean, ending in a uniquely-designed pavilion that offers sunset views and perfect picture opportunities, but perhaps no pavilion in Seaside is more recognized or photographed than the Coleman Street Pavilion. Located in the heart of Seaside’s bustling dining and shopping experience, the Coleman Pavilion was named for the Architect who built it (David Coleman), and serves as most everyone’s favorite place to grab a picture. It’s pretty during the day, but you have to see it at night. #gorgeous

Picture: @hocoseasidefl

The Coleman Pavilion

The Duckies Duck

This is the best Instagram stop for families with young kids, and it’s pretty obvious why. The large bright yellow duck that makes its home outside Duckies Shop of Fun attracts kids of all ages and has become a constant in Instagram feeds. And while the little ones love to throw their arms around the friendly duck’s neck to cheese at the camera, this big yellow character finds a place in the pictures of photographers of all ages.

Picture: @farmhousepeachco

Ruskin Place

What began as an artist community and is now home to galleries, shops and a green lawn used frequently for weddings and other events, Ruskin Place regularly inspires impromptu photo sessions. Maybe it’s the Spanish moss-draped trees, or the twinkling café lights strung throughout. Whatever it is, there are few places that offer a comparable romantic glow to serve as background for your Instagram feed. Strike a pose on one of the many benches or low walls throughout; it’s the perfect place to cuddle up and grab a picture with your #bae.

Picture: @harwellphoto