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Pack a Picnic from Modica Market

Posted on Mar 01, 2016 in Picnic Foods , Modica Market , March-April 2016

Create a feast for the senses: Sourdough country loaf and croissants, pepper cheddar cheese, Marcona smoked paprika almonds, Olli salami and a crisp Seaside Wine Project rose’. Photo by Kim Duke-Layden

Springtime is idyllic for picnicking in the great outdoors. Whether you have the kids and pets in tow or have romance in mind, Modica Market has been offering the utmost in picnic provisions for over 30 years. Homemade shrimp, tuna and chicken salads. Made-to-order sandwiches on fresh-baked artisanal breads. Tasty gourmet snacks and an extensive selection of wines and craft beers. Plus, mouthwatering homemade cakes (like coconut, caramel and decadent chocolate), brownies and macaroons. Call ahead and on-line ordering available. Modica Market (850) 231-1214;

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