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Now’s the time to blossom on the court

Posted on Mar 05, 2019 in Swim & Tennis , Swim and Tennis , Tracy Townsend

By Tracy Townsend

Seaside Tennis Director Owner, 30A Tennis

In the spring, time moves forward. As tennis players, we would all benefit by springing forward, too. Spring correlates with tennis in several ways. The color of spring is green, and so are most courts. Spring is when flowers emerge and new leaves sprout. It’s also the time you should be blooming on the tennis court since all league and school schedules are in full force.

Spring is a happy season, and I guarantee you’ll have more success on the court if you keep a positive, happy attitude. Spring is a vibrant, growing season. Think of your game the same way.

How can springing forward help your tennis game? Springing into the ball provides more pace. On ground strokes, step into the ball and lean your body forward out over the ball. You’ll see that you can hit it harder. I tell people daily you’re bigger than the ball, don’t let it push you back.

After you hit the ball, spring forward to put pressure on your opponent. This puts you into an offensive position. Spring up after every shot as you make your split step. Then you’re prepared to spring forward on the next shot. Spring forward into your volleys for put-away winners.

A spring in my step gives me an advantage, both physically and mentally. Opponents hate to look across the net and see energy from you. It seems to zap some of their energy. A good spring mentally and physically puts you on offense and in control.

Seaside Tennis’ schedule bursts with activity in the spring. School tennis teams, spring breakers, league players and migrating snowbirds are all on the courts looking for an edge. I like to tell all my players that putting spring into their game is a way to get ahead. Come see me or one of my pros for a lesson on springing forward. Happy spring!

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