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My Seaside Story: Adam Young and Elle Irwin

Posted on May 01, 2015

The happy families, from left to right: Sarah Young, Bob Irwin, Elle Irwin, Adam Young, Mary Beth Irwin, Eliza Irwin, Chari Young and Mark Young

We have been coming to Seaside for more than 20 years with our two daughters, Elle, 23, and Eliza, 22. We always enjoyed renting homes in Seaside, but when a cute little cottage came on the market in 2000 we excitedly took the plunge, and purchased Coastal Cutie.

We traveled from Columbus, Ohio, as often as we could and now that we are empty nesters, we often spend several weeks and months at our little house. We now live in Denver, Colo., and still manage to come quite often. Seaside is truly a second home and our family loves and cherishes all our sweet and wonderful memories there.

To our extreme joy in March, our oldest daughter was proposed to at the pavilion at the end of our beloved street. Adam, the groom to be, planned a lovely proposal and included both families in on the surprise. His family (also from Columbus, Ohio) had never visited Seaside and was thrilled to spend time in our special place and to be present for the romantic proposal. Adam’s sisters, one from Virginia and the other Boston, flew in for the surprise event as well.

Adam had the timing planned for sunset, but a misty fog settled over the beach, which actually made it pretty neat and unusual. We all hid at the East Ruskin pavillion while he proposed at the Tupelo pavillion. We had such fun hiding and peeking and trying to stay quiet. My husband is large and loud and he was excited. So I am sure we all appeared quite comical during the whole proposal process.

She did say yes, and we all ran down the beach through the fog. She was totally surprised by our presence. He really pulled it off — getting us all there during this crazy winter weather all across the country was pure luck. I will never forget her face as we all emerged from that dense fog and her words, “Is that the Fam Jam?!”

We have always hoped and dreamed that one or both of our daughters would choose to get married in this wonderful little town. And an engagement feels equally as special. To our delight, they have reserved the Seaside Chapel for a May 28, 2016, wedding.

Mary Beth Irwin is proud to be a Seaside homeowner who resides on Tupelo Street.

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to the happy couple and the whole family. We plan to publish photos of the big day next year.

My Seaside Story: Adam Young and Elle Irwin

Adam Young proposed to Elle Irwin March 4 at the Tupelo Pavilion in Seaside, much to their families’ delight. Photos by Laura Jennings