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“Messenger” on loan at the Seaside Institute’s Academic Village

Posted on Mar 01, 2014 in Messenger , Sculpter , Mark Dickson , March-April 2014

“Messenger” by Mark Dickson is on long-term loan in Seaside’s Academic Village. Photo by Misha Semenov

Sculptor and painter Mark Dickson’s “Messenger,” a sculpture made of welded stainless steel, is now on long-term loan and on display at the Seaside Institute’s Academic Village. The 11-foot-tall sculpture is a figurative piece, as described by Dickson. “It’s kind of a hybrid being,” he says. “A kind of a male figure but also biomechanical. It’s a communicator, a prophet, a messenger that looks like a warrior but is peaceful.” The artwork is part of the Seaside Institute’s efforts to bring fine art to the community, in conjunction with its mission to foster learning about new urbanism, writing, painting and architecture.

Dickson is a native of northern California and has been a resident of Tallahassee for twelve years. He teaches sculpture part time as an adjunct instructor at North Florida Community College in Madison, Fla., and is a full time sculptor with a working studio in Tallahassee. To see more of Dickson’s artwork, visit Newbill Collection By the Sea in Seaside’s Ruskin Place, where his new figurative pieces are available for purchase. Or visit