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Lyceum Lawn Stage

Posted on Mar 01, 2018 in Lyceum Lawn Stage , March-April 2018

A new stage on the Lyceum Lawn is a welcome addition to Seaside, as it will be the setting for several Seaside exclusive events. Getting its inspiration from the Lawn at the University of Virginia, designed by Thomas Jefferson, the Lyceum Lawn and stage in Seaside were designed by architect Dhiru Thadani. The addition of the stage provides an upgrade for the underutilized north end of the Lyceum Lawn.

The Seaside Neighborhood School will use the stage for its music program and a number of other events. The Seaside Institute, The REP Theatre and Escape to Create, too, will have access for performances there. The stage is designed to have performances facing both directions, as larger ones will face the lawn and smaller, more intimate performances will face the sunken living room seating area and upper colonnade. Designed for convenience, the stage was built to accommodate portable lights and speakers, making it easy to set up for performances and protect the equipment from elements and weather.