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Lesson, Clinic or Round Robin

Posted on Nov 01, 2017 in Seaside Tennis , Tracy Townsend , November-December 2017

Seaside Tennis has a variety of programs for club members and guests alike. We offer private instruction, group lessons, clinics, round robins and team weekends, along with court rentals. What is the right choice for you?

A lesson gives you individual attention. You or your group can decide what you want to work on, and we can be specific with your drills. The pros will spend time on technique and strategy to develop a certain aspect of your game. Groups of people are more difficult because of the different skill sets players have. I view a lesson as a great opportunity to work on individual needs and wants. Beginners should do more lessons to get their games ready for play. Even the touring pros have coaches, and they all work on very specific skills in order to improve.

A clinic is a group of players that usually don’t know each other. Typically, they don’t have the same set of skills, and levels might be different. I design clinics to be fun and give you a good workout while working on a variety of skills. Some players are better at some shots than others, and that is the beauty of it: players who are not as good at certain skills get to see how it should be done in play, and then they get chance after chance to work on improving that skill. Clinic instruction is general, and some strategy is involved. The key here is repetition. We do live ball drills where we start the point with a particular goal in mind. As that point develops, different things happen, just like in real tennis. Once a point begins, the ability to adapt becomes key.

Our round robin format is a little different in that we offer instructional round robins. You will play for time

periods, usually five or six games with a partner. Then we bring you in, give instruction for the next round, and send you back out with a different partner against different opponents. We mix levels and genders. As you play, our pros walk around, watch points and give instruction. Those of you who know me know that I “pick” on everyone equally, all in the name of fun.

Our custom team weekends are quite popular. And we have groups that return year after year. We customize these team trips for each group: some groups want more beach time while others want a more tennis-intensive schedule. We only offer these in the off-season. And there’s not much of an off-season anymore. Contact me if you want to get your group on the schedule for next year.

For those who want to play tennis with their friends and families, we offer court reservations for members and guests. We’ve got balls, rackets, shoes and everything you need to play the game. Whatever you idea of tennis fun is, come see us at Seaside Tennis.

Tracy Townsend is the Director of Tennis at Seaside. A resort tennis expert, his company, 30A Tennis, manages Seaside Tennis on behalf of Seaside Community Development Corp. You can reach him at or call (850) 231-2214. For news, events and court conditions, find Seaside Tennis on Facebook.

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