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In a Pickle

Posted on Oct 30, 2019 in Farmers Market , Majors Country Farm , November-December 2019

Majors Country Farm sells fresh pickles in five flavors at the Seaside Farmers Market. Photos courtesy Eddie Majors

The Seaside Farmers Market has found the perfect recipe for success, by bringing the community together each Saturday at the Seaside Amphitheater with dozens of area vendors who sell a wide variety of seasonal fresh produce, baked goods, honey, grass-fed beef, flowers and more. The hard-working vendors offer the best of their wares, as well as samples of local delicacies, to their repeat customers, making Saturday shopping at the market a fun event.

Majors Country Farm, one of the local vendors featured at the market, offers fresh, cold and crisp pickles. Eddie Majors’ 20-acre farm in Holmes County is run by his son Adam Majors since Eddie’s retirement. The farm grows pickling cucumbers, fermented in a cold vinegar-brine with spices to make its five flavors — sweet heat, garlic, jalapeno, horseradish and kosher. Using a variety of spices, the recipes have been perfected over the years. “Everything to make a perfect pickle,” Eddie Majors adds. The pickles are then fermented for about 21 days. You can satisfy your pickle craving by picking up a quart at Majors Country Farm’s canopy tent at the Seaside Farmers Market each Saturday. See their Facebook page at Majors Country Farm.

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In a Pickle

What is the Pickling Process?

Pickling is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. Before the invention of modern refrigeration, pickling was the only way to preserve various foods for future consumption. Generally, pickling began as a method to preserve foods that were either exotic or seasonal and limited by nature and cultivation.

The process of pickling can be generally traced back to India, as it is believed to have originated about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. With hot summers and a lack of water during that time, food production decreased during the summer. Thus, there was a need to preserve excess food produced during winters and hence, the process of pickling was invented to overcome this problem.

Health Benefits of Pickles

The health benefits of pickles include a supply of probiotics, diabetes management, improved digestion, liver protection, and the ability to heal ulcers. This is due to a good supply of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.