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Homeowner’s Collection provides stellar rental service and gorgeous art

Posted on Nov 01, 2015 in Homeowner's Collection , November-December 2015

The Homeowner’s Collection team — Rhonda Tenore, Victoria Fitzgerald, Justin Woodruff, Amy Wise-Coble, Lynn Chesser

Homeowner’s Collection provides stellar rental service and gorgeous art by Sarah Murphy Robertson

A Seaside partner, Homeowner’s Collection boasts a uniquely successful business model. The company is two-in-one with its vacation rental office space tucked behind the Homeowner’s Collection art gallery. They are also the only on-site property management company solely representing Seaside homes and are proud of this singular distinction.

Guests of The Homeowner’s Collection directly benefit from the vested personal interests of Seaside homeowners, since the rental portion of this company is exclusively owned by Seaside homeowners. This concept helps ensure renters have that wonderful Seaside experience they expect.

The rental agency features a portfolio that has grown to include 50 upscale beach homes, cottages and townhomes in Seaside. Innovator and founder Max Watson claims this cooperative management style is the only effort of its kind in the state of Florida, if not the country.

Another feature helping Homeowner’s Collection stand apart is its arrivals policy. Unlike the typical front desk check-in, every rental with Homeowner’s Collection includes a cottage host orientation and greeting. This first-class personalized service is easier on traveling guests and ensures the space is always ready upon their arrival. The cottage host is also on call to lend a hand throughout their stay, assisting with everything from restaurant reservations to bike rentals.

Representing the artwork side of the business is Justin Woodruff, Homeowner’s Collection’s gallerist. Woodruff comes from a family of artists and for three years he’s relished this role in Seaside. His mother was a painter and although he himself claims he’s more right brained, he feels his lifelong appreciation for art helps him support and represent our “vastly talented local artists and promote their work.” Woodruff also was a part of the very first class to attend the Seaside Neighborhood School, and knows this community well. Through Homeowner’s Collection, he currently showcases 11 local artists ranging from oils and acrylics to landscapes and mixed media.

Daily at the helm on the rental side is the team’s operating general manager, Amy Wise-Coble, a hospitality industry veteran and seasoned Seaside principal player. Her first job after graduating from Auburn University was here in Seaside working at the front desk for the Seaside Cottage Rental Agency. She and Woodruff are both rooted in this community and therefore perfectly suited to work for Homeowner’s Collection: revering and upholding the founding vision for Seaside.

Wise-Coble, Woodruff and all the Homeowner’s Collection staff maintain a keen pulse on Seaside’s many year-round activities and entertainment. With so much family-friendly fun to be had, Seaside is truly the vacation utopia visitors dream about. From the lush amphitheater lawn abuzz with live concerts and the farmers market, spectacular coastal eats from any number of class-act restaurants, specialty retailers, and that world-famous emerald water just mere steps away, Homeowner’s Collection is honored to call Seaside their home. Undoubtedly, in turn, their valued guests can say Seaside is a spectacular home away from home.

Homeowner’s Collection is located at 124 Quincy Circle in Seaside. For more information on their rentals or gallery works, visit or contact them toll free at (855) 411-1557 or locally at (850) 213-3132.