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Posted on Jul 01, 2017 in Farmers Market , July-August 2017 , Kombucha

Noli South’s kombucha comes in four flavors, all crafted from organic juices.

Noli South’s kombucha tea is crafted locally in Panama City Beach by husband and wife entrepreneurs Steve and Summer Kole. While they are a newer addition to the Seaside Farmers Market (they started Noli South in September of 2016), enthusiasm for their kombucha has grown quickly.

Kombucha is a lightly effervescent, fermented tea beverage that is served chilled. Its origins are linked to China in 221 BC, but other accounts point to roots stemming from Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan.

Noli South’s origins are a little easier to trace. About three years ago, the Koles were vacationing in Louisiana and enjoyed some tasty local kombucha. They came home to the Panhandle and realized there weren’t any locally small batch kombucha brews available. So they set about changing that.

The fermentation process for kombucha is similar to that of brewing beer: it requires time, a live culture and sugar. The sugar breaks down during the fermentation process, making kombucha much easier for the body to metabolize than sodas or other traditionally high calorie beverages.

The brewing process also produces a probiotic, which is said to have tremendous health benefits, including support of your immune system and improved digestion. Summer shared how kombucha also provides a natural energy boost: “It contains B vitamins and amino acids for slow and focused energy,” she says. “It is completely natural and perfect as a morning drink or a midday pick me up.”

Their company’s name was inspired by their daughter, Magnolia, who is now two. When she was a nursing baby, she was experiencing food sensitivities based on Summer’s diet. The Koles introduced kombucha as a probiotic and Magnolia’s sensitivities went away.

In addition to these awesome benefits, Noli South’s kombucha also tastes delicious. They have created four flavor combinations that all are equally refreshing and balanced. There’s ginger lime, blueberry lemon, carrot orange or hibiscus grape, all crafted with cold pressed juices from organic produce.

Noli South suggests Seaside Farmers Market patrons sip some of their kombucha tea and then use a bit in place of vinegar in homemade salad dressings. It is a new and easy way to introduce probiotics into your diet.

What’s next on the horizon for Noli South? They plan to get their own commercial kitchen facility this fall. As it stands, they brew batch after delicious small batch at Finn’s Barista Bar in Panama City Beach. After they expand to their own facility they plan to work towards becoming USDA Certified Organic.

You can find Noli South’s kombucha at the Seaside Farmers Market each week, as well as at Seaside merchants Raw + Juicy, Raw + Juicy Life, and Amavida Coffee & Tea.