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Gracie’s Seaside Summer: What one dog thinks about life by the beach


Posted on Jan 13, 2022 in Gracie , Gracie's Way

I hate living in the big city!

Some days you’re just walking down the sidewalk and then a car comes whizzing by. Those streets are so wide they’re made for cars, not me. I’m just a mini goldendoodle and everything else is too big for me.

Plus, the constant car rides are too much for me. The landscapes never change, we go too fast and sometimes you sit there for hours. Don’t my people know that I could be doing far more exciting things, like getting pats and playing with pals?

Even when I’m going to my favorite dog park, I still have to sit in the car and it’s just so boring! There are only so many times you can play the license plate game.

But there’s one place where I don’t have to go in the car at all and instead, I can roam free. In Seaside, Florida, the sea breeze is really good for me and my little lungs.

Gracie’s Seaside Summer: What one dog thinks about life by the beach

For three magical months in the summer, I don’t have to drive in the car and instead I can run down the beach.

Sure, it’s a long car ride to get there and it makes me a little sicky, but once I arrive, there are no more car rides for me.

First, I go to Modica Market where a treat is always waiting. In fact, treats are waiting all over town! Sometimes I help myself. I just waddle on in, stand by the register and gently bark until they hand them over. They might think they’re done handing out treats but they’re not until I say so, and they respect that about me.

Gracie’s Seaside Summer: What one dog thinks about life by the beach

Every sunset, I walk down the beach with my owner, Robert Davis. I try to keep up but sometimes he forgets that my short little legs don’t go as far as his big ones do.

I love going on bike rides with my people. In the big city, I have to ride in his basket. But here, I can zoom next to him without being scared of a big truck coming by. Plus, there are so many friends on the street!

All of them make sure to stop to pat me, because how could they resist? I see the same people every summer and they’re always so excited to see me. I’m basically the mayor.

I might be returning to the city but I’ll always remember Seaside. I’ll be back before you know it, and all my friends will be waiting for me.