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Going Green

Posted on Jan 01, 2018 in Green Living , January-February 2018 , Shopping , Eco-Friendly

The Pura Vida bracelet and jewelry line at Duckies Shop of Fun is one of the products that contributes to charities around the world. Photo by Laura Holloway

Eco-friendly, eco-conscious, sustainable, earth-thoughtful, green; our daily lives are being increasingly positively affected by the attention being paid to Mother Earth. Whether through the incorporation of better waste management habits (reuse! reduce! recycle!), or through the conscious choices made in our buying behaviors, there is a clear focus these days on choosing ways of living that have a positive influence on the future of our planet. Seaside has taken up that call, and in this issue we’ll explore Shopping with a Purpose, products available for sale in Seaside that promote eco-friendliness, sustainability and the fine art of giving back.

Earth-Friendly Choices for Kids

Duckies Shop of Fun is a whimsical shop located on Central Square in Seaside that offers gifts and clothing for the young, and the young at heart. And luckily they also offer the opportunity to start teaching kids at an early age the importance of earth-friendly products with a large collection of eco-conscious and organic products, as well as some great choices that make it easy to give back. The Green Toys line, made entirely in the United States, is made 100 percent of recycle materials. Being completely made in America (from manufacturing to assembly to distribution) not only lessens greenhouse gas emissions, but also cuts down on energy and transportation. And the product materials are made from recycle plastics, like milk jugs and yogurt cups! Even the packaging is 100 percent recycled. Other great eco-friendly product lines carried at Duckies include LouLou Lollipop and Oli and Carol (100 percent natural rubber baby teethers) and Milkbarn (organic cotton swaddlers). And for those who like to give back with gift giving, the Pura Vida bracelet and jewelry line provides sustainable full-time jobs more than 150 people and has been able to donate over 1.5 million to charities around the world.

Eco-Conscious Shopping for Grownups

Earth-friendly shopping choices are available all over Seaside, including Perspicasity, which carries a line of eco-conscious clothing called Synergy (featuring organic cotton, low-impact dyes, and recycled poly, all created by individuals working in safe, fair wage environments). Mercantile carries the Himalayan Trading Post candle line, which are poured into recycled and reusable containers, as well as the Raven and Lily jewelry collection, a Fair Trade fashion line that aims to “empower women on a global scale” through the use of recycled materials and the continued contribution of profit portions to combat the global epidemic of HIV, trafficking, and homelessness.

Focus Lifestyle stocks the Blue Planet Eyewear line, sunglasses and readers made from reclaimed plastics and metals, and Quincy’s carries Blue Q socks, a thought-forward and funky footwear collection that donates 1 percent of total sales to Doctors without Borders, donating more than $250,000 each year to this cause.

Mindful Shopping Practices

Even carrying your goods from store to home can be a conscious choice. This year, the Seaside Style stores began offering a reusable shopping bag in all of its locations (available for purchase for only $5, or free for those that spend $150). This simple practice has helped to cut out the use of thousands of paper bags.

Makenzie Carter, director of brand development, said, “Here at The Seaside Style, we go through approximately 125,000 paper shopping bags a year. We knew most of the paper bags were being thrown away once the customer made it home, so we wanted to create a more eco-conscious option. Our new reusable shopping bags have drastically reduced the amount of paper given out and have created an incentive program for repeat customers. Each customer who returns to our stores with their reusable bag enjoys 5 percent off their total purchase.”

It is practices like this that are creating a better tomorrow for all of us. Shop with a purpose this year, making mindful choices to purchase products that leave a small footprint on our earth. Choose to buy goods from companies that incorporate Fair Trade and safe work environment practices, or products that truly give back to our communities and our world. It’s small steps that, when taken together, can make a truly lasting impact on our earth, and Seaside’s merchants are doing their part to offer sustainable and eco-friendly merchandise to make those choices possible.