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Posted on Jul 01, 2018 in Farmers Market , The Caveman's Cupboard , July–August 2018 , Paleo

The Caveman’s Cupboard can be found every Saturday at the Seaside Farmers Market with his Paleo-approved meats, nut butters, bone broths and rubs for sale. You can also find them for purchase at Photos by Sarah Murphy Robertson

Mornings spent at the Seaside Farmers Market are fun and relaxing, and often inspire trying new things. A stop by the Caveman’s Cupboard tent can also come with a healthy dose of valuable information from its founder and owner, Tony DeBlauw.

DeBlauw took a personal lifestyle change and made it into his creed and career. Starting nearly a decade ago, just around the time Paleo was introduced, he started researching the health benefits of eating the clean foods available to our ancestors, namely: fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, certain fats, nuts and seeds. This also means removing grains, beans, soy, certain vegetable oils, processed foods and refined sugar from your diet.

“I really just want people to feel better,” he shared. “If I can inspire the importance and connection of cooking our own food and learning how food affects our bodies, then that is all the better.”

DeBlauw started the Caveman’s Cupboard with the creation of flavored nut butters in adherence to the Paleo diet. They are made from wholesome all-organic ingredients including raw nuts, coconut oil, honey and spices. Use them for a protein boost in a cooling smoothie or spread them on a piece of fresh fruit.

In addition to his delicious Cave Butter line, DeBlauw promotes the benefits of meat as a part of a balanced Paleo diet, but stresses the importance of using a reliable source of grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef is higher in good fats and nutritional value so DeBlauw uses the second arm of his business, Arrowhead Beef, to produce pasture-raised, grass-fed beef in Chipley, Fla. Their beef and heritage pork are raised without hormones antibiotics or pesticides. And, it tastes amazing.

He also offers bone broth at the market. The beef broth is cooked for four days, giving it a deep rich flavor and the chicken takes two full days, yielding a slightly more familiar taste.

While he shares Paleo’s many health benefits with enthusiasm, DeBlauw acknowledges making a sudden switch to a Paleo lifestyle can be a big change. Often the reason people don’t stick with Paleo is they feel overwhelmed. Smiling he says, “So consider starting slowly — baby steps. I am in the business of selling meat, but my one piece of advice would be: eat more vegetables.”

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