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Fresh, Sweet & Exotic: Derryck's Pastries

Posted on Nov 01, 2018 in Farmers Market , Derrycks pastries , November-December 2018

Chandi Adams and Chef Derryck Adams serve up their fresh pastries at the Seaside Farmers Market each week.

You may venture into town on Saturdays specifically for the Seaside Farmers Market, or you may be one of many lured into the market by the delicious smell of fresh-baked breads, pastries and mouth-watering Sri Lankan food at Derryck’s Pastries. It’s not just the dreamy baklava that keeps visitors coming back, or the sweet and spicy flavor of the exotic sauces that adorn each dish, but it’s the people behind the counter that stay with your memories, reminding you of the value of hard work and delicious food.

Chef Derryck Adams has a warm smile and a frequent laugh, someone you instantly like, and for someone with so many prestigious recognitions attached to his work, he’s entirely personable and gracious. He said, “It never crossed my mind the opportunities that were brought to me from cooking.” Originally from Sri Lanka, Chef Adams has worked for such organizations as Tai Samudra Intercontinental, Hilton, Renaissance and Sheraton, and his celebrated cuisine creations have won gold medals nationally and internationally, with his Cappuccino Chocolate Delight taking highest honors in a Hilton-hosted contest.

Fresh, Sweet & Exotic: Derryck's Pastries

Seaside is the perfect spot for hosting Derryck’s Pastries, a unique cuisine offering guests to sample the spice of a Sri Lankan life, and every Sunday Chef Adams is happily waiting to serve up a dish to the line of guests that often gathers in front of his booth. Roasted eggplant and legume, Sri Lankan curries, and kadala parippu, a mixed lentil salad that sets the taste buds on end. Adams describes his culinary work as “fresh, sweet, exotic and made with love,” something made evident from the first taste of his Sri Lankan delicacies.

But Chef Adams is much more than traditional Sri Lankan cuisine; he is also an in-demand pastry chef, specializing in wedding and special event cakes. Some tempting offerings include vanilla and fresh fruit, chocolate, vanilla buttercream, mocha, red velvet, chocolate mousse, coconut, cappuccino and many more, all whipped into beautiful cakes that leave guests lingering for a second piece.

Visit Chef Derryck Adams booth at the Seaside Farmers Market every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon; he’s always happy to share a sample or two and tell you more about his unique flavor. A gallery of his creations and more information about menus, catering and cake orders can be found on facebook at derryckspastries.

Fresh, Sweet & Exotic: Derryck's Pastries

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