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Fresh Bread at Modica Market

Posted on Nov 01, 2015 in Baked goods , Modica Market , November-December 2015

Modica Market’s Michael Bridges has been perfecting his bread recipes for the last few months, introducing freshly baked bread to the market’s customers to rave reviews. “I try to keep a simple sourdough-based country style loaf coming out at least every other day,” he says. “On odd days, I’ll put out an experimental loaf or grain-based loaves.” The sampling of breads includes wheat germ, whole wheat with cranberry raisin coriander and orange zest, seeded light rye, blue cheese folded into the country loaves, gruyere folded into wheat loaves, risotto bread, semolina bread and sesame.

“All the bread is completely naturally leavened with a strain of yeast/bacteria that I cultivated from a sour beer,” Bridges adds. “I’ve recently begun working on croissants using the sourdough starter. And I have plans for kugelhopf, a traditional holiday bread, brioche, and panettone for the holiday months.”

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Fresh Bread at Modica Market