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Free performances, movies and concerts entertain and engage

Posted on Jul 01, 2016 in Events , Entertainment , Kids , July-August 2016

When do you go on red and stop on green in Seaside? When chomping watermelon on July Fourth, of course. Photo by Kurt Lischka for

One of the favorite aspects of my job is witnessing our events in action and their impact on our guests. It is one thing to search out the bands on iTunes or see the colorful poster for the Seaside Repertory Theatre’s summer show. It is another thing altogether to see concert goers dancing to the sounds of a band from New Orleans in the Seaside Amphitheater or kids mesmerized by the antics of actors on stage.

Our vision for these events is not only to entertain you, the guest, with high quality performances, but to also create memories that will last for years. I will see the same family year after year during the same summer week and they tell me they cannot wait for each activity we have lined up. Or a local couple will tell me they diligently listen to each band once I announce the summer concert series lineup and then share with me which one they are most looking forward to. Sometimes, I will just walk around during a performance and absorb the looks on people’s faces as they enjoy the movie or show. It is great motivation to continue to bring the best entertainment to our little beach town.

I remember an important piece of advice when I first started working in Seaside with the former

director, Adam Shiland. He taught me that I should not view each event as simply a music concert or fireworks show, but instead consider each performance we produce a reflection of our town as a whole.

So, in that spirit, I hope that you make some wonderful Seaside memories at our events this summer.

All events are sponsored by the Seaside Merchants. More information, including our concert lineup can be found at or or by contacting events director, Kevin Boyle, at