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First Place Finish

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 in Robert Davis , Racing , Savannah Georgia , January–February 2020

Davis attributed the win in the Group 3 sprint race and second place in the one-hour enduro race (against more powerful and more recent race cars) to leisurely walks with his dog, Gracie, through the Rice University campus and, more recently, on the beach in Seaside. “When I first returned to racing vintage cars, I assumed that a summer in Houston with no racing, radiation treatments (and the energy loss I was told was a frequent side-effect of the treatments) and the aging process itself would have slowed me down. But I was pleasantly surprised that my focus, my ability to be present, was better than before and thus my lap times were lower. I should also give credit to Andy Greene, whose diligent efforts to dial in a race car that was new to me, made it surprisingly easy to drive at its limits, even off the racing line while passing slower cars.”