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Fashion Designer Nicole Paloma Opens Store in Seaside

Posted on Jun 30, 2019 in Nicole Paloma , July-August 2019

Photo courtesy Nicole Paloma

The 1,000-square-foot space in Ruskin Place sits across from Ophelia Swimwear Store and Rolland’s Beauty Bar; and, adjacent to Quincy Avenue Art & Things. “I’ve always said that if I was in Seaside, there would be no looking back,” says Paloma, who first started her clothing line in 2007 under her fashion label called Nicole Paloma, Inc. The line has now expanded to include home furnishings and decor.

Nicole Paloma, Inc. brought Highway 30A its first preeminent women’s boutique known for its tightly curated, fashion-forward selection of clothing and accessories, sewn on-site. The designer first tailored her fashion line in the Shops at Grayton before expanding into Monet Monet in Grayton Beach, while holding to the dream of one day settling into Seaside. “The wild part is I was across from Ophelia and I was across from her my first store in Grayton and here we are again, full circle,” she says.

Paloma’s Seaside location features everything from her new home line to her well-known fashion line, which includes high-end wedding and bridal dresses, and her street-wear line. “I’m in the store every day, with my kids in tow,” says the designer. “I often open earlier and stay later than the store hours.”

Paloma lives and sews by her creed, “No matter your age, shape, or economic standards, I want you to find something that makes you beautiful.” To compliment Paloma’s Seaside fashion palate, the store also features the jewelry and hand painted silks of artist Jamie Zimchek.

With her new store, Paloma is using her supersonic influence to empower girls and women who stop in or pass by. With custom quote tanks, sometimes co-created by her patrons, and hand-painted by the fashion designer, Nicole Paloma is a brand that has always championed powerful women.

“I am so excited to have Nicole Paloma as a part of our Seaside family neighborhood,” says Bert Summerville-Kain, owner of Quincy’s. “Years ago, in my first life, I dabbled in designing and making a lot of my clothes, and my children’s clothes. Having Nicole next door to me and my shop in Seaside and watching her creativity and energy makes me smile, and I say to myself, “ I’m so excited she is following her dream.”