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Enjoy the Sun but not the Burn

Posted on Sep 01, 2018

For me, someone who gets claustrophobic in large crowds, I love to log my beach time in after the hustle and bustle of summer has eased, along with the temperatures and humidity. The beach welcomes me with mild breezes, lower temps and crystal-clear waters. Even though the days are a bit cooler, we still need to keep our skin protected from damaging rays of sun. For some of the best sun protection around, check out the Sun Bum and Solar Recover products available at ONO Surf & Sport, located near the Coleman Pavilion. Customers stock up on these products because they work well and smell fantastic. Take the popular Sun Bum sunscreen line — it is paraben-free, oil-free and 100 percent-vegan. People love the original scent because they say it “smells like summer,” plus it boasts UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection and water resistance for 80 minutes. Sun Bum also carries a Signature Sunscreen for active watersport buffs and Baby Bum for the sensitive-skinned little ones in your brood, as well as lip balm and other protectants such as leave-in hair conditioner and cleansers ranging in price under $20.

After the sun has set on the day and your skin has been exposed, try the Solar Recover product line which uses water to help rehydrate your skin. Their Save Your Skin spray was created after the co-owner of the company got tired of slathering on sticky aloe products for post-sun recovery. Thus, he created Save Your Skin, a water-based fine mist that rehydrates with natural essential oils and vitamins that are healthy for the skin and smell good. The spray calms burned skin and prevents peeling. It is even great for post-waxing. A 12-ounce bottle is well worth the $14 because your skin will glow.