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Posted on Feb 29, 2020 in Shuttle Service , March-April 2020

The Seaside Shuttle makes getting around town easy By Kerri Parker

Seaside is a holiday town. The once hidden gem has become a world-renowned destination. Naturally, with an influx of guests and day trippers, traffic can become congested. Not only traffic from vehicles, our town also becomes immersed with bikes throughout the high season.

Enter the Seaside Shuttle.

Did you know you can park and shuttle directly to Seaside for free? It is a short and beautiful scenic route. Catching the shuttle allows you to take in the stunning views of Western Lake, a rare coastal dune lake directly on your path to Seaside.

The Seaside Shuttles run like clockwork, making it easy to catch going to and fro. As a matter of fact, you will meet many Seasiders who work in our town, while taking the shuttle. “I love the shuttle. It is consistent, clean and the drivers are super friendly,” says Aimee Simpson, controller for Seaside Community Development Corp. (SCDC). “I look forward to the season when we have our shuttle service.”

In addition to the free shuttle service, Seaside offers a paid valet service. The valet service area will be located on Central Square near Artful Eye and Ji•Shi Ki•Chn.

Park the car for the day and enjoy the short ride on the Seaside Shuttle, where you’ll pass Western Lake, one of Walton County’s rare coastal dune lakes. Photo by Kurt Lischka, Moon Creek Studios

Shuttle rides March 9 – Sept. 8, 2020

Where to Park

Park at the public parking lot on 283 South. The locals call the parking area Grayton Central. You will easily spot it directly across from Hurricane Oyster Bar on the east side of 283 South (see location map).

Drop Off and Pick Up In Seaside
You will be dropped off at the Lyceum Gateway on Quincy Circle between Ji•Shi Ki•Chn and Artful Eye.

Hours of Operation
Shuttles begin at 5 a.m. and service ends at midnight every day. Shuttles come and go about every 15 minutes.