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Emeril’s Florida

Posted on May 01, 2014 in Emeril Lagasse , Cooking Channel , May-June 2014

The Lagasse family; Alden, EJ and Emeril

Season two of “Emeril’s Florida” premiered Sunday, Jan. 5, on the Cooking Channel. The episode featuring Seaside Airstreams, “Find Your Perfect Beach and Bites-Part 1,” aired in January with additional programming dates through May.

Along with Seaside’s Airstreams, nine South Walton locations welcomed Lagasse to their establishments this year. The Cooking Channel’s first season of “Emeril’s Florida” was viewed by an estimated one million U.S. households and was then was picked up by Food Network and re-aired last summer to more than 2.5 million more homes.

Emeril’s Florida

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse films a segment of “Emeril’s Florida” for the Food Network. Photo by Lori Leath Smith