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East West Boardwalk

Posted on Sep 01, 2018 in Boardwalk , September–October 2018 , Construction

The East West Boardwalk construction on the gulf side of town continues as the final details are being put in place. Previously inaccessible to pedestrians, the boardwalk is a path on which to stroll, enjoy a meal and watch the sun set. “It’s a way of reconnecting residents and visitors to the Gulf of Mexico,” says the architect of the boardwalk, Dhiru Thadani, who has designed many structures in town.

The boardwalk will include a countertop for dining, which anyone can use to dine from the many nearby restaurants, or even bring a meal from home. The bar is made of sapele wood, an ideal outdoor wood due to its durability and water resistance. Barstools, umbrellas, electrical outlets and hooks for hanging handbags or jackets are features that illustrate the attention to detail and planning going into the boardwalk. Brass butterfly connectors act as an inlay to secure the joints between the countertop that will span the length of the boardwalk.

A new shower column, located adjacent to the Coleman Pavilion, can refresh a small group, as a lawn sprinkler pops up from the top of a brass cone to spray a fine mist. Foot washer bibs and two handheld showers facilitate washing off the fine white sand.