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The REP Creating Memories for 20 Years

Posted on Feb 28, 2020 in The REP , 20 Years , March-April 2020

Kyle Walter, Brook Stetler and Alan Daugherty pose for “The Hounds of Baskervilles” at The REP Theatre in 2013.

The REP Theatre celebrates two decades of art and entertainment By Aubrey Ainsworth, Managing Director, The REP Theatre

The spring season in Seaside is a picturesque sight full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment you cannot find anywhere else. One step into this beautiful beach town and both visitors and locals alike are swept up in the warmth, sunshine and Southern hospitality that welcomes you at every turn. Moving beyond the ordinary, the presence of a bustling arts and culture scene has cemented itself within the community entertaining and inspiring all it touches.

If you were to walk through the heart of Seaside during a Monday evening you would witness the transformation of the Seaside Amphitheater as the storybook world of “Go, Dog. Go!” comes to life. Six of The REP Theatre’s professional actors take to the stage as wonderous music fills the town center bringing this captivating story to life. It is in these precious and unforgettable moments, nestled on the amphitheater lawn and surrounded by the coastal beauty of Seaside, that family traditions are created and enjoyed year after year.

The 2020 spring season marks a new era, new possibilities, and the 20th anniversary of The REP Theatre. For 20 years, The REP has made an impact on Seaside and the surrounding communities by creating memories and igniting the imagination through the arts. What started as a professional summer theater has blossomed into a vibrant epicenter bringing together the performing arts and giving them a stage to flourish. Constantly adding new programming and making the impossible, possible, The REP now produces more than 300 events a year and reaches audiences far and wide all along 30A and beyond.

The REP’s valued connection with the community doesn’t stop once the show is over and the audience has gone home. Through the years, The REP Outreach Program has soared offstage by bringing theater into the community and giving students the opportunity to experience the arts in a way that makes a lasting impact. Whether REP actors are performing children’s theater at after-school programs or teaching improv workshops to local students, The REP has made it a priority to pass down the love of the arts to future generations. Working closely with local organizations like The Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation has propelled the outreach program to new heights by giving The REP the platform to reach further into the community and teach others the indispensable skills the art of improv provides.

The REP’s 20-year longevity would not be possible without all the people who have stepped through The REP doors and supported this special theater through the years. No matter the role, each and every artist, technician, and patron has made a lasting mark on the theater’s history and impact on the community. Here’s to celebrating The REP Theatre’s 20th anniversary milestone and to creating memories for another 20 years.

To see all The REP has to offer during the spring season, check the full calendar of events at

The REP Creating Memories for 20 Years

The REP Theatre has been entertaining audiences for two decades.

The REP Creating Memories for 20 Years

Jennifer Steele as Patsy and Teance Blackburn as Louise in “Always … Patsy Cline” in 2010.

The REP Creating Memories for 20 Years

Local musicians onstage during the 2016 Tom Petty Tribute Concert.

The REP Creating Memories for 20 Years

REP actors onstage for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” in 2005.

The REP Creating Memories for 20 Years

Bruce Collier, Trent Loggins and Teance Loggins onstage during a performance of “A Beach Home Companion” in 2014.