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Cool Treats To Beat The Heat

Posted on Jul 01, 2018 in It's Heavenly Shortcakes and Ice Cream , Frost Bites , July–August 2018

Frost Bites is famous for its Hawaiian shave ice, perfect on a hot day.

Seaside is known as the place for fun in the sun, but too much of a good thing can take its toll. Those visiting the area unaccustomed to the heat reflecting off the white-sand beaches and the summertime temps that can approach triple digits need to be careful and take precautions.

Staying hydrated is needed for your health and well-being, so it’s important that you drink enough water throughout the day. One simple trick is to place water bottles in the freezer and leave them overnight. In the morning, they will be frozen solid. But the ice will melt throughout the day and provide icy cold refreshments for parched beachgoers.

Fortunately, Seaside offers several other ways for visitors to chill out. There are shopping boutiques, onsite pools, an abundance of dining options and cultural activities to choose from.

One of the best ways to stop sweating on the outside is to put something cool on the inside. It’s like coolant for your car but much tastier. One of my favorite ways to cool down is by loading up on Hawaiian shave ice from Frost Bites. Located on Airstream Row in the heart of Seaside, Frost Bites was the first Airstream to open in 1994 and they have perfected their frozen family friendly offerings. Go for it by ordering the Key-Lime Pie Piggly Wiggly. It’s loaded with frozen custard on the bottom and topped with whipped cream.

Few things are more refreshing when you are hot than taking a dip in the Gulf of Mexico for some liquid relief, even if it’s only for a short wade through the surf to dive into a crashing wave. Fresh out of the water, plan to reapply your sunscreen, and make your way to Bud & Alley’s Beach Bar located in the sand by the new boardwalk for an icy adult or kid friendly beverage to sip on.

The hottest part of the day is around 2 p.m., which is the perfect time to take a long lunch break under one of the many covered umbrellas provided throughout the town. Plan to carve out time to mosey on over to It’s Heavenly, located right in front of the giant triple scoop statue. Though the Blue Bell ice cream is quite scrumptious, I can’t get enough of the organic, locally made, creamy and authentic Italian gelato. With flavors like chocolate chip, tiramisu and Lavazza espresso, it’s hard to choose just one scoop.

If you are a fan of Raw & Juicy on Airstream row, you can’t help but love the lifestyle boutique located on the south side of 30A, too, called Raw & Juicy Life. In the spirit of the Seaside’s livable, sustainable founding principles of New Urbanism, they offer beauty, gift, home and garden options made with care and attention to innovation, community and ecology. And, they have a fresh coconut bar located at right outside their door. Sipping on cold coconut water right from its source is truly a unique and delicious experience.

Susan Benton is a food and travel writer with published articles, recipes, and photography in many local, regional and national publications. Her website is where she writes about the secrets of Gulf Coast food.

Cool Treats To Beat The Heat