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Posted on Jan 01, 2016 in Events , Calendar , January-February 2016

No matter if you’re visiting Seaside or living here fulltime, we want you to feel right at home. That was one of the original intentions of founders Robert and Daryl Davis — to create spaces to which you are immediately connected. Our events help to strengthen that connection.

You ride your bike or take a short walk from your cottage down the narrow cobblestone streets through Central Square, just past the palms to the Amphitheater lawn. Next, you scope out a good spot to put down your chairs and blankets. Then, it is time to show off. With a click of a button and with the #SeasideFL tag and the iconic Coleman Pavilion in the background, all of your followers on Instagram know you are in Seaside. Now, it is time to plan out the evening with food from our fabulous restaurants and some shopping from our great array of merchants. You finish off the evening enjoying what we work very hard to do, offering the perfect night of entertainment to make your time in Seaside truly unforgettable.

Seeing hundreds of people on the Amphitheater lawn enjoy a Holiday Pops concert by the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra or the excitement of kids running around during one of the Seaside Repertory Theatre’s (The REP) outdoor shows, I know these experiences are more than just outdoor events. We are creating family memories and traditions.

Our events lineup for 2016 will be another opportunity to experience the familiar theatre, movie, and concert nights along with some firsts, including the Inaugural Seaside Culinary Festival in September.

All events are sponsored by the Seaside Merchants. More info at or simple, beautiful life or contact events director, Kevin Boyle, at