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Bedtime Books for Beach Lovers

Posted on Apr 26, 2019 in Bedtime Books , Beach Books , Children

Children’s books that transport you to the beach By Laura Holloway

We all have books that we treasured as children. And as we grow up and pass those along to our own little readers, the meanings of these books can take on a whole new depth and understanding. Remember the first time you read “The Giving Tree” as someone who was old enough to truly grasp its significance? Or what about when you read “I’ll Love You Forever” as a mother or father yourself? Our favorite books as children teach life lessons and transport us to our favorite places. I was convinced as a child that if I was bad enough and spent enough time in “time out” in my room, that the walls would eventually fall away, the sea would roll in, and I would be transported to the land of “The Wild Things.” There’s something magical about a book for children — even from Piedmont, N. D., in the dead of winter, you can open a children’s book about the beach and the ocean and feel the salty wind in your hair.

Whether you are visiting and looking for a special memento to take back home, or you’re a local looking for that next great bedtime story to read to your kids, the Children’s Book section at Sundog Books has a selection of books suited for bedtime, themed to transport your mind and creative spirit back to your favorite place: the beach.

“How Deep is the Sea”

How deep is the sea? Lovable Pipkin the penguin starts this endearing story off with this question to his mother, who, instead of answering, sends him off on a journey to find the answer for himself. This book will absolutely remind you of the childhood age where everything is presented with the questions of “why” or “how,” and the answer is just as fun for your little readers to find as it is for Pipkin.

“A Day at the Seashore”

The Little Golden Book collection touches the heartstrings of generations, and “A Day at the Seashore” strikes that cord all too well. The vintage pictures will delight both the reader and the listener, and the charming rhymes (“You can catch little crabs — if you’re quick! You can draw great big pictures right on the beach with a piece of a shell or a stick.”) offer fun, age-old activity ideas for the next visit to the beach.

“Curious George Goes to the Beach”

Who doesn’t love that trouble-making little monkey? George takes to the sand in this classic children’s tale, and the poor man in the yellow hat is left repairing the destruction and mayhem George often leaves behind. Either way, sky, sand and surf are ever-present, and it might remind you of the way you feel about your own little monkeys after a long day on the sand.

“Goodnight Beach”

Similar in feel to the well-known “Goodnight, Moon,” this board book is durable enough to be the go-to bedtime story for the fifth time each night. But more than that, it’s reminiscent of some of the most beautiful and peaceful times at the beach. It’s a good way to wind down from the day and to remember how good the sand felt between our toes.

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