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Beach, Drink and Be Mary

Posted on Sep 01, 2016 in Farmers Market , Kitchen by the Sea , September-October 2016

It’s evident that David Serrato, owner of Kitchen By The Sea, pours on his enthusiasm and charisma to draw Seaside Farmers Market guests in. He greets them warmly, asks where they’re from, all the while doling out chilled samples of his delicious small-batch drink mixes. Nearly everyone who tries a sip is a new fan and customer, proving once again that Serrato knows how to create drink recipes, the history behind the cocktails, and especially, what people like.

With a career background in science and engineering, along with his years spent in the restaurant industry, Serrato brings many skills to his recipe testing and bottling procedures. His Panama City Beach kitchen is an FDA licensed facility. He also has a wholesale license which he hopes will allow for wider distribution of his products.

Kitchen By The Sea is known for its delicious Bloody Mary mixes, and offers one for all taste buds — from the Mellow Mary on the milder end of the spectrum to a Bloody Hell Mary. The Kale Mary is a uniquely green hue made with tomatillos, and Serrato recommends using it with tequila — making it the popular Mexican beverage known as the Bloody Maria. Kitchen By The Sea’s bloody mary mixes use whole tomatoes, onions, celery, cilantro and just a little salt. The heat and kick come from horseradish, Sriracha chili sauce, jalapenos and cayenne pepper, depending on the variety you choose.

While Kitchen By The Sea is best known for stellar Bloody Mary mixes, the variety of options doesn’t end there. Grapefruit basil, pineapple mint mojito, and pomegranate citrus are some of the other refreshing choices. Serrato will tell you which spirits pair best with each and has many creative combinations for each flavor.

Kitchen By The Sea has become a Seaside Farmers Market favorite for many reasons. Who doesn’t like the convenience of making fresh gourmet cocktails at home? Many of the flavors are also available in plastic bottles, making them perfect for packing for the beach or poolside.

The loyalty Kitchen By The Sea has garnered also comes from the quality of the ingredients used. These mixes are all natural, and none contain high fructose corn syrup. Many are crafted using regional ingredients, too. The citrus, mint, basil and oregano all come from local farms. And remember: these non-alcoholic mixes are shelf-stable, making it a breeze for guests to bring back home for themselves or as gifts.

Serrato can be found at the Seaside Farmers Market every Saturday, where he’ll have plenty of pints and quarts for sale. Visit his website for new flavors and upcoming news at or email questions or requests to

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