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Beach Bites For Spring Break 2015

Posted on Mar 01, 2015 in food , Susan Benton , , Wild Bill's Beach Dogs , Pickle's Burger & Shake , Song , March-April 2015

Succulent lobster chunks overflow a fresh roll at the Shrimp Shack.

Spring break is a most welcome season; they don’t call it spring fever for nothing. After the chill of winter has dissipated and the warm sunshine beckons us to the beach, sometimes a quick bite is just right. Airstream Row in Seaside is famous for its top quality barbecue, hot dogs, burgers, smoothies, salads and shave ice — all quickly prepared so you can make your way to the beach and soak in the sun.

Certain to please any beach goer seeking relief from the heat, Frost Bites has been serving happy customers since 1994. Offering a variety of fun creations like the Piggly Wiggly, a stuffed shave ice with custard on the bottom and cream on the top, Frost Bites also sells sugar free flavors in addition to scrumptious add on toppings.

For those opting for healthier foods to enjoy on the run, Jenifer Kuntz, owner of Raw & Juicy says, “Obviously our Costa Rican Bowl filled with hearty rice, beans, spicy salsa and avocado is nourishing, and easy to devour on a walk back to the beach! The Spring Rolls are a great snack, and the Veggie Hummus Wrap is also popular.”

If Southeast Asian street food is what you are craving, then surf over to Sóng’s food truck, (meaning wave in Vietnamese) for the closet to authentic Bahn Mi offered on 30A. As a big fan of the Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich, and having tasted many over a lifetime of travel, it won’t disappoint with its bold flavors exuding from the luxurious Heritage free range black pig that has been slow cooked over night, before being stuffed in a fresh baguette created specifically for owner Tommy Stein by the Santa Rosa Beach bakery, Crust. The in house pickled farmed vegetables and herbs add the perfect acidity and balance to the sandwich, and while most are known for their thin layer of liver pate spread on the bread, Sóng’s is layered with a refreshing avocado-lime aioli.

“Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs are dogs gone good”, says owner Heavenly Dawson of the food truck aptly named after her husband, Bill. Everything made is ingredient driven, including her family recipe for the chili that is topping her Let’s Be Frank brand chilidog. The chili, along with the beef served in the burgers at their sister restaurant, Pickles Burger & Shake across the street, is made with White Oak Pastures sustainable grass fed beef. Heavenly says, “While it’s significantly less expensive, faster, and easier to make mass-produced food, we just don’t think it’s the right thing to do.”

Plan on walking up to the window to order one of the best hand crafted burgers on 30A, and then take a load off while savoring each morsel at the Seaside Pavilion overlooking the Gulf behind the Shrimp Shack. You might even be drawn back in for a second course from the billowing smells of Royal Red Shrimp and Florida Lobster Tails being steamed to order.

At Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar, Chef Phillip McDonald has taken the reigns and is showcasing a new menu. You can’t go wrong picking up a slice of pie, and I highly recommend his Brussel Sprouts pie topped with fresh house made mozzarella, Pancetta, garlic, and chili or the Avocado Bruschetta topped with thinly sliced radishes, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and spices. Both are incredibly fresh, delicious, and the best part is you can place the order from your beach blanket and get it to go.

Susan Benton, owner of, is currently penning a cookbook to be published late summer 2015.

Beach Bites For Spring Break 2015

For a taste of Southeast Asian food, try Sóng’s Bahn Mi sandwich before heading to the beach.

Beach Bites For Spring Break 2015

Pickles Burger & Shake is famous for its grass-fed beef burger.