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At Your Service: Bud & Alley's Beach Bar + Amavida Coffee + Salty Beach Outfitters

Posted on Jul 01, 2017 in Bud & Alley's , Amavida , Salty Beach Outfitters , July–August 2017

Bud & Alley’s Beach Bar serves refreshing cocktails on the beach, meaning you don’t even have to put your sandals on to order. Photo by Alissa Attinger courtesy Bud & Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant

Seaside has become a hugely popular destination since its early days when there were only a few modest cottages lined along a couple of sandy roads. Since gaining international recognition,

Seaside has experienced a meteoric rise in visitors, especially during the summer months. With new shops, merchandise, activities and menu items, Seaside is working to make your summer even more special.

Bud & Alley's Beach Bar

Set right on the sand, this little beach bar provides the same friendly service as its flagship, Bud & Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant. The menu includes creative cocktails, frozen drinks, ice cold beer and wine. “A true beach bar means never having to kick the sand off your feet,” says founder/owner Dave Rauschkolb. “I am thrilled to be able to offer so much just steps from the Gulf — Bud & Alley’s beach menu, a wonderful selection of beers, wines and frozen drinks. It just does not get any better than that.” The beach bar is open daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Visit Bud & Alley's online.

Salty Beach Outfitters

Open just for the summer, Salty Beach Outfitters is an outdoor lifestyle store featuring apparel, head wear, footwear and accessories for men and women, focused on the coastal lifestyle. The store carries Vineyard Vines, Columbia, Coastal Cotton, Normal Brand, True North and Key West Aloe brands, and offers clothing that features sun protection, moisture wicking and cooling features. Key West Aloe products are all made with Aloe and feature sunscreen, 100 percent Aloe gel and Save a Tan lotion. Stainless steel wine glasses and beer mugs from True North will keep your drink cold for hours.

Visit Salty Beach Outfitters online. Visit us on facebook.

At Your Service: Bud & Alley's Beach Bar + Amavida Coffee + Salty Beach Outfitters

Wine “glasses” made of stainless steel keep wine colder longer than glass.

Amavida Coffee & Tea on Wheels

Known for its commitment to fair and sustainable trade relationships for the benefit of farmers and their communities, Amavida Coffee & Tea has put the peddle to the pavement with a mobile coffee cart.

The bike is equipped to serve cold and nitro coffee. “About four years ago, Amavida had this idea to equip a bike with an espresso system,” says Amavida’s Jennifer Pawlik. “This proved to be an exciting adventure, researching and designing a bike that was striking yet functional to serve customers. Through this research, we came across old-fashioned Dutch “bakfietsen,” trikes that were used to transport cargo and supplies. Aside from the huge, sealed bearings, stainless hardware and modern finishes, they’ve hardly changed for 100 years.”

Amavida’s bakfietsen is fabricated to serve coffee in hot or cold climates. During the summer, the cart serves cold brew and nitro coffee, while in cooler months, it serves espresso. Look for it in Central Square.

Visit Amavida Coffee online.

At Your Service: Bud & Alley's Beach Bar + Amavida Coffee + Salty Beach Outfitters

Amavida’s mobile cart serves cold brew and nitro coffee. Photo courtesy Amavida Coffee & Tea