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Posted on Jan 01, 2017 in Art Galleries , Newbill , Homeowner's Collection , Anne Hunter Galleries , January–February 2017

23-year-strong Newbill Collection by the Sea is in The Shops of Ruskin

This winter is an excellent time to stroll the galleries in town by Sarah Murphy Robertson

Whether it is the sound of local music echoing from the amphitheater, architecture glinting in the morning sun or actors emoting on The Seaside Repertory Theatre (The REP) stage, art is revered everywhere in Seaside. Here we highlight galleries that work everyday to bring even more beauty to town.

Anne Hunter Galleries

Anne Hunter Galleries is located in the lobby of 25 Central Square, also known as the Machado-Silvetti building, after its talented architects. Hunter’s ambition for the gallery is that it function as a public arts space, where works are exhibited for reflection or for purchase, indefinitely. “My hope is that Seaside’s gallery designation will continue long after my career ... to be passed on to the next gallerist or curator who will protect and preserve the arts that are native to our area,” she says.

Her gallery philosophy is centered around artists who live, work or play here on 30A. Hunter has represented the work of well-established artists Allison Wickey, Rae Broyles and Richie Gudzan, as well as up and coming talent like Michael Fraser Bridges, Sean Allan Meredith and Elizabeth Clement. She recently featured Julia Starr Sandford, who has a rich history in the original planning and architecture of our New Urbanist towns; and who has now started her own furniture line.

Newbill Collection By the Sea

Annette Newbill Trujillo and her husband, Pat, have owned this gallery for 23 years. It is nestled back in The Shops of Ruskin, the shadier, quieter section of Seaside. When you talk to this couple, it is evident they truly

honor the artists they represent. For them it isn’t simply about carrying merchandise. “These pieces express the soul of the artist, they aren’t mass-produced items,” Annette explains. Everything in the gallery is handmade by a North American artist with a large percentage coming from regional and Southern craftsmen.

Newbill carries paintings, jewelry, hand dyed silks, blown glass and more. Some of their most beloved artists include Susan Wittenberg, an abstractist who works in vibrant color, John Hyche from Birmingham whose paintings are thoughtfully created to allow for hanging vertically or horizontally, and the detailed works of Pensacola’s late Ann “Frantic” Morley. The Trujillos love working and living in Seaside and welcoming repeat customers year after year. Newbill is a part of so many families’ traditions and the Trujillos enjoy helping them make lasting memories.

Art Culture

Homeowner’s Collection Gallery

Homeowner’s Collection

Homeowner’s Collection’s gallerist Justin Woodruff enjoys his work supporting and representing Emerald Coast’s talented artists. Through Homeowner’s Collection Gallery, another proud merchant located in The Shops of Ruskin, Woodruff encourages all Seaside visitors to seek out the fine artwork they offer. Works by Francisco Adaro, a local painter whose signature is his whimsical freestyle form; Seaside-focused acrylic artist David Hart, and pieces by lovely abstract and texturally creative artist Terra Palmer will all be featured this winter. Visit the gallery and see the creations of these artists and so many others for yourself.

45 Central Wine Bar

Chef Jim Shirley’s wine and tapas bar is the spot to enjoy small plates and great wine in Seaside. But what is evident each time you enter the space, is the homage it pays to local art lining the walls. Each month the walls of 45 Central showcase a different artist whose work is for sale.

In January, Kathleen Broaderick will be featured. Broaderick started painting during her last semester at FSU when she filled an extra slot in her schedule with a watercolor class. She has been a student of art ever since. After moving to the Emerald Coast in 2000, she was introduced to oil painting. Her art will be showcased the entire month in the wine bar.