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All the World’s a Stage

Posted on Sep 01, 2017 in The REP , Bryan Kennedy , The Six Sided Man , September-October 2017

British playwriting and acting duo Gavin Robertson and Nicholas Collett bring their masterful performance of “The Six-Sided Man.” Photos courtesy The REP

Just over 15 years ago, The REP Theatre took the spotlight as one of Seaside’s most prized cultural attractions. Located behind Quincy Circle, The REP began as a seasonal theater and quickly grew from its 75-seat indoor space to a year-round operation performing in and outside of its main stage location. The REP not only grew in venue range, but in its capacity to bring artists from all over the country to perform on Seaside’s Meeting Hall stage. Today, The REP, entering its 17th annual season, brings world-class performing artists from every corner of the globe.

This fall, the REP welcomes Bryan Kennedy back to the stage as he comes off a three-year world tour with Garth Brooks. Kennedy and his trusty “kickstand,” Kevin Boyle, deliver their unique brand of hilarity through storytelling, song, and audience interaction both in house and through online platforms. Kennedy is a songwriter who has collaborated with Garth Brooks on several number one hits, a playwright, a four-time novelist. And most recently Kennedy appeared in the movie “The Secret Handshake.” As a certified life coach, he bears an enormously positive personality (and cowboy hat) wherever he goes. Even after traveling on tour for months on end, Kennedy is always eager to return to The REP for up close and personal shows with REP patrons from near and far.

The REP also is devoted to another successful year of partnership with Escape to Create by helping to fulfill its mission to connect artist to audience. Seaside acts as a cultural epicenter to 30A and even more so during the twice annual Escape to Create artist retreat. The collaboration between Escape to Create and The REP birthed The Goody Fellowship for Playwrights. Two phenomenal playwrights and performers, Gavin Robertson and Nicholas Collett, lovingly coined “The Brits,” will perform original works and look forward to Seaside’s warm and friendly audiences.

All the World’s a Stage

Singer and songwriter Bryan Kennedy performs at The REP this fall.

Collett has been a performer for 34 years and has had the honor of performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He currently resides on the south coast of England and travels for months at a time producing, directing and acting.

“It’s the only real job I’ve ever had,” Robertson says.

He has performed his original works on every continent and feels very fortunate to have achieved such heights as a performing artist. From performing in shacks in Costa Rica, Roman amphitheaters, or Crusoe on a cruise ship in a storm, these two have done it and always look forward to returning to their place in the REP and the Escape to Create family.

The REP has much more to offer through the fall and winter seasons including the Live@TheREP concert series, fall plays, Improv Bootcamp, and the popular holiday romp “Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and Then Some).” Be sure to check for a full calendar of events, ticketing and detailed event information.

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