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A Buzzing Operation

Posted on Sep 01, 2018 in Register Family Farm , Farmers Market , Honey , September–October 2018

The Register Family Bee Farm products include raw Tupelo and wildflower honey, as well as soaps, lip balm, candles and more. Photo by Modus Photography

Each week, rain or shine, the Register family, locally known for their delicious Tupelo honey, travels to the Seaside Farmers Market, ensuring their customers can get the famous honey products they love and crave. In addition to the premium raw Tupelo honey, the farm sells wildflower honey, 100-percent beeswax candles, natural soaps and lip balms, all handmade.

The Register family operates a veteran-owned, 100-percent family-run full-scale honeybee farm in Freeport, Fla. All six of Gerry and Shelley Registers’ adult children were officers in the U.S. Army. Along with their parents, five of those kids (and three of their Army veteran spouses) are now integral members of the Register Family Farm.

Perhaps their military foundation fostered the discipline and work ethic necessary to run a successful family business. From tending to the bees in the apiary, to product development, bottling, order fulfillment, and retail sales, everyone has a role to make this operation hum (or buzz).

Visitors to the farmers market can get a taste of their products, as well as a taste of education on the background and benefits of their goods. Daughter Melissa Register, managing partner, is excited to share that the 2018 crop of Tupelo honey is the best they have seen in years. True Tupelo honey is dependent on the blooming flowers of the Nyssa Ogeche tree. Tupelo honey should be light in color and can have a greenish tint. The light, sweet and unique flavor of Tupelo honey is sought after worldwide. But, lucky for us, can only be made right here in our region. Tupelo honey also has the lowest glycemic index of all honeys. Consuming it will result in lower blood sugar spikes, compared to other honeys, and is therefore the ideal honey for those with blood sugar concerns.

A Buzzing Operation

Melissa and Katherine Register, part of the Register Family Bee Farm, sell honey and other bee-made products at the Seaside Farmers Market. Photos by Sarah Murphy Robertson

“Creamed Honey is our newest product, my brother Joseph worked tirelessly to perfect the process,” Melissa says. Just as with the creamed honey, each product they introduce spends a great deal of time in development.

The family’s transition into the retail market has been deliberate and slow because they are particular about doing things well, Melissa says. They also pride themselves on keeping their honeybees healthy, thus guaranteeing quality honey. “And we don’t bottle everything we extract, we handpick the barrels ideal for bottling,” she adds.

Their honeys are raw, which means they are not heated or filtered. This ensures the honey will maintain beneficial enzymes and natural properties that help with seasonal allergies, and can even boost your immune system.

This family thrives on the opportunity to work together to produce a wholesome, valuable product for the local community. The Registers have truly found their sweet spot. Visit their booth each Saturday for a taste of their local honey yourself.

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