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A Boardwalk Fur Every Pup

Posted on Feb 29, 2020 in Gracie's Way , Robert Davis , March-April 2020

Gracie’s Way officially named in Seaside By Wendy O. Dixon

The boardwalk on the Gulf side of Seaside has been officially named Gracie’s Way, in honor of Gracie, beloved dog of Seaside co-founders Robert and Daryl Rose Davis.

Spanning from east to west, Gracie’s Way starts just east of Bud & Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant past the Coleman Pavilion through the Pizza Bar. The east/west boardwalk is the result of Robert Davis’ dream of a boardwalk along the Gulf in Seaside. The boardwalk was designed by architect, urbanist and author of “Visions of Seaside” Dhiru Thadani, who has designed many projects in Seaside, and built by Point Washington-based carpenter Jim Foley, who has contributed his handiwork to many Seaside buildings.

Gracie’s Way features a 150-foot bar made of Sapele Mahogany wood and accommodates 50 bar stools that overlook the Gulf of Mexico. The countertop sections are joined with inlaid brass butterfly connectors, made by artist Manish Waghdhare. Underneath the counter are brass hooks on which to hang handbags, towels and coats. Electrical outlets and USB plugs are also available. Eight-foot long strip lights are enclosed into the deck flooring to illuminate the path while ensuring sea turtles are safe from direct artificial lights.

A Boardwalk Fur Every Pup