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35th Anniversary - Escape to Create

Posted on Jul 01, 2016 in 35th Anniversary , Escape to Create , History , May-June 2016

Creative types sometimes need a change of scenery to nurture their artistry. The natural beauty of the gentle coastline of Northwest Florida — as well as the inspirational treasure that is Seaside — seduces artists, poets, novelists, musicians, playwrights and composers from all over. Each winter, Seaside plays host to a spectrum of artists, who can immerse themselves in their work.

Escape to Create (E2C), a temporary artist residency program, is the only such residency of its kind in the Florida Gulf region, and has welcomed artists to 30A since 1993.

Seaside provides a unique setting for this multidisciplinary residential retreat. Founded as a meaningful component of Seaside’s civic life, E2C has gained national attention for its impact on the local community and in the creative lives of the artists. And while the fortunate few who are awarded a spot in the program share their talents, they add to the thriving cultural flavor of Seaside, drawing audiences from all over North Florida.

“The heart of the Escape To Create experience is the gift of time and place to artists fully engaged in creative ideas,” says Marsha Dowler, president of the executive board. Housed in private cottages donated in support of their projects, artists enjoy complete immersion in their work balanced with opportunities for cross-disciplinary dialogue in an intimate group setting.

“We own no studio, nor practice room for the musicians,” Dowler says. “We just start with the intent to create this experience for artists every year. Houses are different every year, artist are different every year. And we find that for the artists who respond to this, that’s what they are really seeking, the permission to fully surrender to their art.”

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