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Improv Bootcamp - Tuesdays/Thursdays Through July 25th

Tuesdays/Thursdays 2PM – 3:15PM (Ages 5-14)

Tickets: $25 per sessionVisit for tickets

At The REP, not only do we perform and share stories, but we also share the craft of storytelling and theatre arts with local and visiting students. This Summer, The REP continues our popular children’s Improv Bootcamp sessions. Through these sessions, students learn all the basics of improv by focusing on teamwork, creativity, and thinking outside the box.Students as a young as 5 get to be onstage, learning and performing for their friends and family with The REP’s talented actor/teachers. On Thursday of each week, you will see firsthand how much your child has grown and embraced their creativity through our Improv Army performance where they will show off their incredible new skills.